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About me:  Educator, lifelong student, nature enthusiast.  Grew up in California and studied and worked in Korea, South Africa, and England before receiving a Ph.D. in English, medieval, and classical studies from Northwestern University, where my research on confession and literary authority won an award for best dissertation of the year. These days, I’m a faculty member in English and Humanities and coordinator of the Women’s Center at the College of Lake County, where I received an outstanding faculty of the year award.

I’m also an active advocate for community organizations in the Chicago area that support the needs and rights of women, youth, low-income immigrants, and the elderly — I currently serve on the Board of Directors at Hanul Family Alliance, an organization that provides services to immigrant elderly and their families, and at KAN-WIN, an organization that supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence. I’m also a member of the Korean Women’s International Network.  You can find a short CV here.

Elsewhere on the web: I’m a former contributor to Hyphen magazine — you can find a list of my past articles here.  I also have an old blog of photos and essays on arts, culture, and travel, as well as a more frequently updated photo album on Tumblr.

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